Twin Flame Union Healing Bundle

£ 1,000.00


This is an amazing healing package done in a two hour session.  Energy healing to help you with what you need to come into a beautiful Twin Flame Union.  Great for everyone! This package comes with an hour of energy healing.  Channeled energy healing session.  Raises your frequency, overall healing channeled for you and your Twin Flame.  This hour is going to recalibrate and align your energies.  This healing is specifically for Twin Flames. Both Twin Flames are healed during this session.  30 minute healing for manifesting Union.  Heals manifesting blocks.  Heals love blocks. Heals negative beliefs coming up around Union.  Thus will accelerate the process to Union.  If in Union dissolves deep blocks within the connection.  30 minute healing healing for your Twin Flame and you.  Heals both of your karmic baggage.  This helps to dissolve huge blocks to Union.  Heals both of your karmic past.  Dissolves past connections.  Heals and opens your heart chakra.  Beautiful channeled energies to shift you into a state of deeper alignment/ Union.

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