Coaching Training Package

£ 1,500.00



This is 6 life coaching sessions.  This is for those wanting to get into this type of work.  It’s done best over 3 weeks too.  This is going to take you deeper through your own activation process to tap into more of your own gifts, and potential.   Amazing for those wanting to build their business, to up level their business, or just looking for more training.  Great for those looking for more fulfillment.  The ultimate package to go deeper or to get into the spiritual field.  One on one training to get you where you m as to be much faster.  Help to build that business or to help others.

Done in 3 levels.  After 3 levels you will be certified as a Coach.  Can fit this into any area or any type of business.  May do as many times as deep healing in this area.

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