Coaching Package For Grief, Loss, And The Afterlife

£ 1,111.00



This is 6 coaching sessions.  It’s done best over 3 weeks too.  I specialize in death, and the other side.  This is a package for healing yourself.  If you have experienced a loss of any kind, anger, depression, anxiety, or heartache.  I am an energy worker that will help you open up to the other side.  Helping you to clear and work through whatever it is you’re going through.  Is going to shift you out of any pain and into a higher understanding.  When we lose a loved one it’s hard to ever recover.  It will bring up layers of grief, often across a lifetime.  This coaching package is going to take you through your own healing.  When we lose someone it can make you stop living on this side.  Will help you to better understand your own journey.  Phone sessions done as coaching sessions.

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