Business Coaching Package

£ 999.00



This is 6 business coaching sessions.  It’s done best over 3 weeks too.  It’s so important your find a good business mentor.  This will help elevate your work life and business in every way.  I’m doing spiritually guided work to clear the energy blocks.  Sabotaging behavior or a negative mindset can create major business blocks.  These sessions are designed to help you flow into success and more money.  These sessions are perfect for anyone at any level.  Whether you are building a business or trying to up-level an existing one.  Helps to activate higher ascension templates.  Great for those trying to align with their spiritual business or their own business.  Step by step guidance through the process will help you to save years of work.  These sessions help you to come into a deeper alignment so that you can become more successful with your business or job.

Recommending doing 3 rounds of this.  Are certified after each round. May use or do as many times as you need it to go into your healing.

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