Twin Flame Healing For Past Life Partners

£ 311.00



Healing for past life partners and past life contracts.  Most of your life was spent working off negative karmic contracts.  This can create major blocks to what you desire or even the life you want.  Burning through and releasing past contracts. This is a healing that goes into your past lives.  Suppose that you had about 500 births and in each birth you were involved in an average of two romantic relationships.  That’s a lot of past life life connections.  So in total you had about 1000 relationships.  That’s about 1000 energetic connections that have not been released yet.  Heals and releases past life connections and past life energetic connections.  These cords are energetic, so they dont end with our death and thus they are carried on with us in every birth.  This is a healing for your past life cording.  The people with whom you are attracted in this lifetime, you have been romantically involved with in one way or another in your previous lifetimes.  Clears and completes past relationships.  Heals the energetic baggage.  You cannot reach a Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame if still having other relationships open.  Healing for people you feel physically, mentally or emotionally dependent on.  Heals Past relationships or past lovers so you can move closer to Union/ or closer in Union with your Twin Flame.  A deep past life healing.  Clears negativity and negative connections from your life.  Clears and heals you from past life karmic and soulmate contracts.  Helps to heal karma from shared past lives.  Heals your relationships and past life connections.

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