Twin Flame Healing For Insecurities Package

£ 555.00



It seems your Twin Flame can trigger your deeper insecurities.  They can trigger your insecure attachment.  Even the most confident person can be turned into a ton of stress and worrying over the connection.  They bring up a ton of healing.  Heals those deeper insecurities.  They come up as blocks in the Union.  Insecurity is the feeling of uncertainty and doubts around your Union.   Heals your sense of self worth.  Helping you to trust yourself and your Twin Flame.  There are so many ups and downs as you discover yourself on your Twin Flame journey.  Your Twin Flame amplifies your insecurities, fears, and doubts.  They trigger thee insecurities bringing them to the surface.  A deep healing for these insecurities.  Helps to build your confidence.  Healing for insecurities and sabotaging thought blocks.  Heals low self esteem and insecurity.  When the honeymoon phase ends insecurities and attachment issues begin to appear.  Your love will be even tested.  Heals your insecurities and limitations around love.  Healing for your core issues.  Healing for negative emotional Ego energy.  The triggering is the purpose of the Twin Flame journey.  The root cause of insecurity can vary, but often, insecurity stems from early life experiences.  Children who do not receive adequate validation or support from their caregivers may develop a deep sense of inadequacy or unworthiness.  Heals the root cause of your insecurities.

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