Twin Flame Karma Healing Package

£ 777.00



Healing for generational patterns and karma.  Healing for your ancestral lines and generational karma.  Heals repetitive patterns and limitations inherited or passed down through your lineage.  Healing to help you to integrate your karma and your Twin Flame karma.  Things helps things to go smoother with your Twin Flame.  Healing for any family line narratives, on either side, coming up in the connection.  Any difficult karma will be a lot easier to integrate at this time because of the energies.  Twin Flames are likely to  be born into families that are suffering intergenerational, trauma, abuse, and addiction in order to integrate the family karma and break the cycle.  Healing for intergenerational trauma.  Healing for the family karma.  These patterns come up as blocks in Twin Flame Union.  Great for healing patterns and blocks.  This is a healing done in an hour.   This healing helps to keep your energies strong and replenished regardless of the situation.  This healing is great for everyone.  Most Twin Flames are born with some degree of poorly integrated karma.  Helps you to heal and integrate it and to shift into higher frequencies.

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