Twin Flame Clearing Package

£ 255.00



A Good Clearing for you, your Twin Flame and the energy between you.  This clearing is great for everyone no matter what your situation.  Clear your energy and raise your vibration.  Clears all the various forms of negative energy or baggage that’s been holding you back.  Twin Flames have a deep spiritual connection and share many of the same thoughts, feelings, and desires.  Twin Flames have a tendency to mirror each other.  Clears your energy so that you’re more clear and getting only love back.  Twin Flames often bring up issues that you’ve been avoiding.  Clearing any issues the connection has brought up for healing.  Twin Flames are constantly drawn to the others energy because of your strong soul connection. You have known each other for lifetimes, and there’s undeniable chemistry between you.  As a Twin Flame you’re a mirror soul that has been chosen for one person.  In spite of all the push and pull of your relationship, you’ll eventually come full circle in reunion.  Clearing for that push pull effect.  This clearing helps you to stay more balanced within yourself and your Twin Flame.  Clears negative energies from the connection.

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