Twin Flame Family Healing Package

£ 777.00



When you heal your own inner wounds you shift closer to your Twin Flame.  Twin Flames can trigger our energy.  We begin to purge out old energies, and negative traits.  healing for these suppressed energies.  healing for ways you have been blocking or pushing away this person energetically.  This healing is great for everyone.  Many of your blocks to heal come from your childhood.  Healing these upsets is crucial to your Union.  If you don’t heal them you will experience the same upsets with your Twin Flame until they are healed.  We tend to have a lot of childhood wounds to heal as adults.  Healing for those childhood wounds.    Healing for deeper patterns that you have been repeating.  A lot of these patterns have been passed down to us from family members who likely were taught the same. Healing for ancestral patterns.  Healing for the pattens no longer serving you.  This is an hour of deep healing.  Healing to heal outdated programs and patterns.  Twin Flames have to heal their wounds to get to Union in separation.  In Union old wounds can create blocks or create a distance.  Healing for your inner child baggage that became your later relationship baggage.  Energy blocks can affect Union. Healing for energy blocks, and inner child energy blocks.

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