Twin Flame Energy Clearing and Cleanse

£ 155.00



Heavy emotions or triggering can make your Twin Flame bond toxic.  When this happens it can turn into a karmic bond.  This is why Twin Flames must do a lot of clearing work.  We are always exposed to negativity and as we absorb that negativity, it affects our energy.  Clearing your energy.  Clears negativity coming up from the past.  Great for clearing childhood trauma and negative past life energies.  Clears any negative energy.  Clear the past between you and your Twin Flame.  Clears negative energy from the past.  Clears pain from any past runner disconnections.  Past energies are what triggers running if it’s happened.  Running can manifest as being distant.  Healing and clearing for toxic karmic cording between flames.  Heals and clears negative cords.  Twin Flames are meant to trigger each other so that you can overcome any karma.  You then ascend into Twin Flame Union.  Clearing your energy of karma and shadows so that you can awaken more.  Clears and process karmic energies.  Healing fur separation issues, or issues when both were in separation.  Great for everyone no matter what your situation.  Separation occurs because one or both is wanting to manifest it.  This can look like runner/ chaser scenarios.  Helps to heal separation issues.  Helps you burn through pending karma and resolves the energetic blocks.  Raises your frequency.

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