Pleiadian Twin Flame Clearing

£ 155.00



The most important part of twin flame healing is doing your shadow work.  You must face your shadow and clear it.  To release the past energies, baggage, and ego aspects that may be weighing you down.  A good clearing for your energy.  Clears and heals.  Releasing past negative energies, and experiences.  Clearing negative triggers and patterns.  Clears deeper rooted patterns and problems.  Clears past pain, hurts, and connections.  Past experiences block our system up.  Clears blocks left behind from your past.  Clearing for the deep layer wounds that your Twin Flame triggers.  Clears heavy Karmic learnt Soul lessons.  Karmic energies trigger the other Twin Flame.  Clears karmic past energies.  Healing for trust issues triggers from your past.  Clears past unhealthy relationship problems.

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