On The Energies…

We have lots of Solar Winds headed our way.  We can expect April 1st to really kick things off energetically.  4:1 is a major Galactic Activation Portal Day and a Pleiadian Portal.  We can expect some massive energies for both the 4:1 and 4:4 Portal.  5 Planets will align tonight in a rare astrological event.  A Planetary Parade.  After Sunset Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will be aligned in an Arc with the Moon.  Tonight’s alignment is the The Holy Arc to the 5th Dimension.  Expect the massive upgrades to continue as we are still feeling and integrating the energies of the Equinox, and will continue to be thru the next week.  Tonight we also have a Conjunction between the Moon and Mars.  We also have the Pleiades shining right between Venus and Mars.  Great energies to be using for your manifesting and new projects. All about getting creative with these energies.  Great for getting things done.  Really tapping into and finding what lights your soul up.  All about shifting into higher and higher frequencies right now.  Aries Season is all about your goals.  Amazing energies for healing and activating our Pleiadian DNA in.  Huge Shifts happening.  May be feeling to do extra self care especially if you’re sensitive to the energies.  Being guided to spend more time alone and in your own energy.  This will help you with better tapping into your soul and your own unique expression of it.  It’s important that you’re surrounding yourself with positive energy right now.  You’re becoming more and more open to the energies around you.  This is a space to reflect and to make sure your manifestations are working for you.  These energies are powerful and this Spring is taking you into a New Beginning like never before.  Reminded anything in your life is being set into motion by you.  Take care of your thoughts.  Everything you’re thinking about is manifesting rapidly in these energies.

art: @glitterartss

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