What Is Ascention

imageWe are ascending from the 3rd dimension to to 5th dimension. We are evolving. Our bodies are changing from a carbon base to a crystal base. Every single cell in our body is changing, and it involves light. This is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight. Our DNA is changing in radical ways. This is alchemy, to turn lead into gold. There are side affects, they are side affects of detoxification. That’s why it’s never been more important that you eat high vibration foods.

How we handle this influx of light and energy is up to you. You need to clear everything from your past, let go of anything you are holding on to that doesn’t serve you, this includes past traumas. Please remember that you picked everything you have ever been through to grow and learn. It can feel like the universe hates us, that seperate feeling that our society has pumped into us since we were born, it takes time to change. Our future body is crystalline. Children are being born that way now, they are born with their DNA already activated, they already embody their higher self. The goal is to refine our DNA, we are repairing it and getting rid of any distortions we may have. We are getting rid of disease and living in harmony. This is why I got into healing, I believe everyone is now at a point where they need healing, humanity as a whole needs healing on a massive level.

The best way to get through the ascension process is to let go of your 3rd dimensional concepts. The 3rd dimension is currently being destroyed by earth, wind, and fire; Trust me you don’t want to be destroyed with it. Those that choose this will be joining the rest of 3D on another planet to learn for 750,000 more years. The planet, Gai is ascending, so if we want to live on the new earth then we have to ascend with it. Those that are trapped in fear, hate, anger, or other low vibrations will not ascend. We are living on a prison planet and everything you know to be true is a lie, massive control systems hold in place, on a global level. Those that focus on any of these corrupt systems will be dismantled with them. If you are having a lot of symptoms then you may be holding on to your 3rd dimensional concepts. If you activate your light body and live in it you can do amazing things medically.
We are all ascending, as in the goal will be to walk into heaven with our human bodies. We as a planet are raising dimensions. The thing is we can’t do that with our current bodies, so we are changing them. We are reconnecting to our light body in a conscious way. The light body is the vessel that our soul resides in, at all times. Our DNA is activated, our pineal gland is also activated, we need these upgrades to assess our Divine essence.

All you have to do is make the right choices and embrace this. We all have choices we make all day long, suck as the food we eat, that drastically affect our path. Make the right choices, and eat high vibration foods and you will ascend naturally. We all have amazing potential and it’s locked away in our DNA. It is hidden until you activate your DNA. Ascension is a process, you have to want to change, that’s all you need is a drive to want to make yourself your higher self. We all have a higher self, it’s a gift we receive when we reach 6th density or dimension in the future. The way time works though isn’t what we have been taught. Your past and future are both assessable in the now. You are ascending and you will embody your higher self at all times. It’s being your higher self. We all have a higher self, remember to love everything about yourself. We only have bad qualifies if there is a positive use for it. Love yourselves and Divine love will follow. Love each other, for The Divine is all there is, love and light..