Divine Healing Codes – The Head And The Neck



imageThese are reiki healing codes, they are a quantum healing tool. They are safe to use on everyone and everything and they have no adverse side affects.

It is time for us to discuss the various healing codes and how to use them. These codes are quantum healing tools that are safe to use on everything and everybody, and have no side effects. The healers energy and intent have everything to do with the healing results you will get. You want a healer that has a high vibration and the right intent to heal you. You want a healer with a big heart chakra. You can use these codes by visualizing the number while healing, you can write it on the person, or draw it above their body in their aura, you can use your electronic device to write the number out and keep it close to you. It doesn’t matter how you use them, what matters is Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother will be present and provide the healing power you need. During the times of Lumiria and Atlantis this was how people healed, I do not however recommend that anyone stops any medical treatment without first consulting your current Doctor.


33 89 847 to optimize airway function
45 64 686 to align and straighten teeth
45 64 686 to align and straighten teeth
42 66 953 for bleeding gums
35 41 553 for toothache
56 23 899 for inflammation of the middle ear
44 88 772 for pharyngitis (sore throat)
52 18 913 for pharyngitis from post-nasal drip with chronic sinus
13 14 335 for allergies, in general
88 21 233 for herpes