Things to work on for 2018 for each zodiac sign…




Capricorn- You are so adaptable to any situation, but that can have detrimental affects to your psyche. Work on being your authentic self in every situation. I know it’s more comfortable for you to fit in, but you were meant to stand out. Work on being your authentic self even around people. (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Aquarius- You are such a people person. You need to switch the focus from everyone else back to yourself. Your too wrapped up in the illusion and playing hero to everyone else. This year put the focus back on yourself. (Crown Chakra)

Pisces- You are always helping everyone else, even at the expense of being a martyr. You can still help people, but in doing so you have to work at putting yourself first. We can only help others if we are doing good first. Work at putting yourself first this year. (Throat Chakra)

Aries- This year you master peace, inner peace. You have been that warrior archetype for so long, it’s time you embody becoming a peaceful warrior. This battle is in your mind and within so to conquer it you need to meditate. Create a space of peace this year. (Crown Chakra)

Taurus- In 2017 you conquered the material, and last year was the year of the bull. While you were physically building last year, this year will be mental. This year will be a year of vision and contemplation. Your main objective is to bridge that gap between the physical and the spiritual this year. (Third Eye Chakra)

Gemini- 2017 was a massive year for downloads and expanding your perception about your reality. In 2017 you had so much to talk about and teach. This year you will master silence. As you become more aware and grow into your gifts more you will see the value in alone time more and more. This year you will master listening, really listening to people. (Heart Chakra)

Cancer- You had an emotional year in 2017, and did a lot of purging and releasing. This year you will master the material, or the physical. You need to achieve balance between the emotion states you sense and the physical reality we all live in. This year you will master grounding which will help you master your emotions and emotional state (Sacral Chakra)

Leo- You need to step away from the physical world and you need to focus on the spiritual. Your too focused on yourself right now. You need to become more open to other people’s versions of reality. This year you will find a way to be of service on a group mission of sorts. You need to balance the spiritual and the physical. (Third Eye Chakra)

Virgo- You need to declutter any last programming your holding on to. This year you solidify your path as the healer/teacher archetype that you are. This year will either heal or shatter you depending on where you are on your spiritual journey. This is your year of manifestation. This year you will create something you like. (Sacral Chakra)

Libra- You are embodying that balance you so crave. Your also doing what your sign loves which is to be of service. This year you will master balance, but you will also be setting an example for those around you. Work at caring less what people think of you this year. If you are authentic the right people will always love you. (Throat Chakra)

Scorpio- You need to stop searching and seeking for love outside of yourself. You need to stop with these unfulfilling relationships and vices and you need to fill yourself spiritually. Work more at yourself and less at your love life. If you do that it will change things for you. This year fall in love with yourself (Heart Chakra)

Sagittarius- 2017 was a huge year and this sign made huge shifts! On an internal level your entire body is changing. You need more rest this year. You need time to integrate these upgrades into your daily life. Self care is the theme for this sign, how ironic because this sign loves to stay active. You need to really take care of yourself energetically this year. (Sacral Chakra)