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On The Energies…

Today is the first day of Aquarius Season.  The cosmic fog that we have been moving through is now clearing.  Aquarius is the water bear.  It’s also a very collective oriented sign.  The Aquarius New Moon that happens the 21st will be making waves.  This is the first New Moon of 2023.  This New Moon is all about clearing attachments, cutting cords, and leaving behind toxic patterns.  It’s a great time to be doing some energy clearing work.  You will need extra self care, as you may be integrating a lot right now.  This Aquarius New Moon will be aligned with Jupiter.  This is helping us to turn our manifestations and dreams into reality.  Expect sudden shifts in how you’re feeling, will bring bursts of optimism and shifts towards good fortune.  Get ready for a powerful combination of Air and Fire elements that are kicking off this Aquarius Season.  We have been going through some extreme weather on the Sun.  We are seeing such an increase in the Galactic Energies, Solar Flares, and CME’s coming at us.  CME’s particles are large clouds of plasma.  Let’s just say we are feeling these energies.  It’s all about healing right now within them.  If you are not healing you probably will be experiencing lots of ascension symptoms.  Major incoming DNA activations.  If you took the DNA from your trillions of cells and laid it out from one end to another, it would reach the sun and back 70 times.  Most of your DNA still is lying dormant.  That’s why it’s so important that you are healing to be able to integrate these changes.  Our DNA is our blueprint  and the reason why so many are functioning on the basic 2 strand/ 3D level still.  Healing is the first step towards DNA activation.  You must clear the karmas and layers of trauma you have picked up from this lifetime, your past lifetimes, and from within your ancestral/ family line.  These energies are bringing in new light codes for your DNA.  As your DNA is activating you’ll be able to tap into more of your gifts, and memories from other lifetimes.

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On The Energies…

Tonight’s Cancer New Moon is conjunct the asteroid Lilith.  This is our Black Moon, so it’s a powerful alignment.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon.  When it’s in its home sign it’s so much stronger.  We can expect emotions to be running high and a massive clearing.  This is the best time to be checking where Lilith is in your chart.  This area is very much coming out to play all week.  We have to go deep within the shadow.  This Cancer New Moon is bringing the dark feminine to the surface.  There is a lot of healing happening for the feminine.  We notice a theme as we see certain woman are rising into leadership roles.  For a long time the wounded masculine has been in charge.  This has caused a lot of deep collective wounding.  Things are shifting now.  The Goddess is back.  Expect the Priestess to remerge.  Lilith is in Cancer, which is a powerful placement.  It’s highlighting any issues you may have related to your home. This may be current or past related, depending on what you have going on.  That means you will have old emotions, and childhood traumas rising to the surface.  You may be getting mad about past abuse you have experienced.  This is actually to clear your system of past toxins.  Your here to heal and clear your family/ ancestral line.  Many are having to break free of toxic family systems this life.  If you are you will shift into a new soul group.  This also means the dark feminine is rising.  Old energies are needing to be cleared.  A lot of past life wounds are coming to the surface in how the feminine has been treated.  The energies rising are destroying anything not serving us.  This is so that we can create something better.  These energies are meant to empower you.  Neptune also shifts retrograde today until Dec 3rd.  That means you may be having issues discerning fantasy from reality.  Expect things to get more clear though as we move through this transit.   Expect to wake up more.  This retrograde is going to help us with stripping away any illusions, or false realities.   It’s going to make your dreams more clear.