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On The Energies…

On Monday the June 6th we have the 6:6:6 Portal.  6 6: 2+0+2+2=6.  The 6:6:6 Portal is going to kick off the energies of the Summer Solstice.  The next three weeks are going to be bringing some powerful energies.  Expect a huge influx of Galactic Energies.  June 3rd we come out of Mercury Retrograde.  You may feel a little like you have a hangover this week, or a little groggy from this.  We will remain in a Post Retrograde Shadow for the next two weeks.  That means don’t make any big decisions, or drastic moves right now.  Saturn shifts Retrograde June 4th to Oct 23rd.  That means we are already in that retroshade, or shadow before Saturn’s backspin.  This has been digging up old things.  It’s giving you a chance to clear and heal from any past karma.  We have to learn how to navigate things in a different way within these energies.  It’s requiring us to let go of old ways of thinking.  The first half of June is all about our thoughts.  We are needing to let go of the negative thinking.  June 14th brings us a Strawberry Supermoon.  This Sagittarius Full Moon is amazing for anyone traveling, or planning to travel in the future.  It can open up new adventures.  June 21st is the Summer Solstice.  We are going to be feeling the energies of the Solstice starting this week.  That means we are in a heightened space for the energies while the Solstice Gateway activates.  That makes June a powerful month for manifesting.  Remember you create anything your thinking about all day long.  That means if your staying positive about what your working on, it will materialize.  June is also a powerful space for healing and doing activation work.

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On The Energies….

The Equinox is a week away so we are about to really start to feel those energies.  September 20th we have the Harvest Moon.  The September Full Moon always shines in, or near, the stars of Aquarius and Pisces.  This year it falls in Pisces and will be bringing a dreamy vibe.  It’s my favourite Moon of the year as it’s supercharged by the Equinox energies and brings some extra magic.  This Full Moon is helping us to ditch and clear any bad habits.  This may look like a release of old emotions or a purge for some.  It’s amazing energies to be manifesting with.  The Equinox is in the 22nd.  On the Equinox the day and night are of equal length.  That means we get more then 12 hours of sunshine on the Equinox.   The Sun will rise east and will set west.  During the Equinox it also cracks open the Earth’s magnetic field allowing a ton of energies in.  We can expect lots of solar wind, as that’s what causes the cracks.  We have lots of Galactic energies coming in, and lots of Pleiadian Energies this week.  The 25th we will see our Moon approach the Pleiades and Aldebaran.  Aldebaran gives off an angelic energy and is connected to Archangel Michael.  We will also see the Hyades, which is the eye of the bull in the Taurus constellation.  The Hyadians are elders to the Lyrans.  Expect extra activations this week if you are a Starseed.  September is a great time to stargaze as it begins to get darker.  It’s time to find your light and to remember that stars shine best in the darkness.

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On The Energies…

We are already feeling tomorrow’s New Moon In Pisces.  This is a great time to tap into the spiritual energies.  It’s an amazing time to manifest or to be making your own magic.  This Pisces New Moon is bringing with it a sort of Cosmic Reset.  Expect a massive surge of energy with it.  The next few weeks will be powerful energetically.  We are also completing a cycle as we prepare for next weeks Spring Equinox.  This is an amazing time to set some intentions or to start something new.  While you won’t see this Moon, you’ll feel it.  This New Moon will bring an Aquarius and Pisces Stellium.  The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune will all be in Pisces.  This combination of energy will be bringing through a lot of heart chakra activation.  It also will be bringing a lot of healing.  This is an amazing time to work on relationships.  This is supposed to be the most romantic week of the year.  It’s a time to go deeper with love.  These energies are meant to be bringing balance to the Masculine and Feminine.  It’s also an amazing time to cleanse and clear more, through working on forgiveness and cutting of past cords.  Expect any unresolved past issues to surface to be healed during this time.  The Equinoxes are a time to honour your ancestors.  It’s a time when we can connect with other dimensions.  The veil is really thin right now.  Really tune into the magic and messages coming through.  Expect a ton of Ascension Codes this Equinox.  These energies are bringing a ton of Spiritual Upgrades with them.  These energies are also showing you in which ways you can be of service.  Pay extra attention to any great ideas your having right now.

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