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On The Energies…

We have a lot of High Frequency Energies still streaming in right now.  We are expecting more Solar Winds to hit us today.  We are seeing, and will continue to see, an increase in Galactic Energies and Solar Energies.  This is something we are all adjusting to.  We are seeing an increase in Solar Flares and CMEs lately.  A Solar Flare is a big release of magnetic energy.  These are particles coming from, and through our Sun.  These particles are full of radiation.  A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is usually a big explosion of bubbles of gas and magnetic field.  There are other Energies affecting us even more, the Ascension Energies.  There are Cosmic Energies streaming in from other Galaxies.  These Energies contain the codes necessary to activate and upgrade the DNA of all of humanity.  We are being Recoded! There is a huge connection between the frequencies of the Schumann Resonance, and any Solar or Geomagnetic Storms we are having.  The frequency change occurring on the Planet is going to affect how your feeling and how your living your life.  These Storms tend to bring out our deepest wounds and any repressed emotions.  We are being pushed to really heal during this time.  Be gentle with yourself and whatever your going through.  Your lessons have been many lives in the making.  You may be feeling physical Ascension Symptoms, such as headaches, heart palpitations, mood swings, extra tired, hot cold chills, or even feeling electric.  Remember the mission we all here for is meant to lead us to a massive expansion of consciousness where we experience an enlightened collective.  If we want to experience this, we must first do the work ourselves.  Make sure your really taking care of yourself this week.  You need it.  Really tune into what your soul needs.  For some of you it may be to do some healing, get outside, make some good food, take a nap, or read a book.

Incoming Energy..

We are feeling the after effects of this Space Storm.  The Earth’s  magnetosphere is very excited right now.  You can look at the magnetosphere as the Earth’s aura and natural defence system.  We have interesting things happening to the energy this month.  We are behind schedule with this Ascension.  This month we will play catch up energetically.  You can see the effects of this storm and what it is doing to the Planets energy reflective in the Auroras, just think of it as the earths energy and your energy is getting lit up right now.  Eclipses come in pairs and the effects last for months.  The eclipses create energetic disturbances, forcing an energetic reset.  We have currents of electromagnetic energy creating magnetic effects.  This affects us on every level.  It changes how much and what type of energy our bodies are absorbing.  The gravitational forces are changing our energy cycles.  The Sun and it’s energy play an important role for this Planet and is our catalyst into Ascension.  You’ll notice the Sun’s magnetic shield is weakening, much like the Earths.  We are shifting from a solar maximum to a solar minimum cycle.  As this is occurring we are getting hit with more and more cosmic rays.    We are picking up a huge momentum in energy as we move forward on our ascension path.  magnetosphere is formed by its interaction with any solar winds.  It’s just like our energy fields, the energy we are in shapes our aura.  Expect the Ley Lines to also be making an energetic adjustment.  This energy is beginning to flood this network, allowing for more energy to be distributed.  

Getting Ready For The Eclipse Season..

There will be a Partial Solar Eclipse on the January 5-6th.  The New Moon, in Capricorn, will pass between the Earth and the Sun.  this Solar Eclipse is in close alignment with Vega, giving us a positive start to the new year.  Vega protects us against evil spirits, and comes with a lot of influence.  This Solar Eclipse will change the vibration and frequency of the energies on Earth.  This change in frequency and vibration comes with an energetic reset meant to lift our frequencies to new levels.  This storm has a lot of Neptune influence.  It will help activate a dream like state within ourselves.  Our sleep states are run on the rising and setting of the Sun.  Our sleep cycles are also regulated by our third eye.  When the darkness of the Solar Eclipse falls it will help us awaken more and will activate our third eyes.  In shamanism this is a powerful time for healing.  This is the merging of opposite polarities.  The alignment of the Sun and Moon represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merging into spiritual Union.  Two coming together to be One.