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Blood Types

There are reasons they try to keep your blood type hidden  There are many generic experiments and hybrid programs going on.

O -RH (Pure alien.  Very rare.)

O +RH (Alien hybrid, mixed alien and human.  Very common.)

A -RH (Alien hybrid, mixed alien and human.  Very rare. )

A +RH (Human.  Very common.)

B -RH (Alien hybrid.  Mixed, Human and alien.  Very rare.)

B +RH (Human.  Very common.)

AB -RH (Alien hybrid.  Mixed human and alien.  Very rare.)

AB +RH (Alien Hybrid.  Mixed human and alien.  Very rare.)

DNA as a Bioweapon

I’m not sure if people are aware but your DNA has been hijacked, like everything else in this matrix. It’s now being used as a weapon to keep people trapped here. I put a post up about Reptilians tracking certain people with -RH blood. A lot of these individuals are targeted individuals. Not all -RH blood types carry the DNA strand ccr5delta32, but some do. This is a gene that makes people HIV and virus resistant. Since this matrix has been infected with a virus, if certain people are immune they can be seen as the ultimate threat. -RH blood types original ancestors are the Nephilim or Fallen Angels. This created hybrids. Some of these blood type refuse to play nice or get along with the humans. This genetic research is to create Bioweapons. Through gene editing and replacement therapy they can create the perfect viruses to be used on humanity while being immune to them.

Karmic Patterns in Blood

If you have -RH blood you don’t have the same karmic energetic imprints in your blood. That’s the reason this bloodline is being targeted. These blood types have higher sensory abilities. This bloodline is here to activate others. This is why -RH people tend to be manipulated more. This bloodline is often most manipulated through their relationships and may have even experienced a love bite at one time or another. Your karma is written in your blood and in the stars. As above so below.

-RH Blood Explained

Here is a great blood type analysis to explain different genetic factors that can be known by your blood type. This is why the elite are obsessed with certain bloodlines. Remember these traits show up more in -RH blood types.

God is used to describe the spiritual leaders that created humanity.

O RH negative- Pure blue blood of the Gods, very rare.

O RH positive- Mixed, God and humans. The most common blood of modern humans. This is most likely the first humans created by the God/human mix.

A RH negative- Mixed, God and human type 1. Very rare.

A RH positive- Human type 1. Very common.

B RH negative- Mixed, God and human type 2. Very rare.

B RH positive- Human type 2. Very common.

AB RH negative- Mixed, God, human types 1 and 2. Very rare.

AB RH positive- Mixed, Human types 1 and 2. Very rare.