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9/9 Portal…

We have a powerful few weeks ahead of us as we continue to move towards the Autumn Equinox.  Today is the 9th day of the 9th month.  It’s the 9/9 portal today and it’s bringing with it some amazing energies.  This portal will stay open for the next 9 days.  We can expect some massive shifts today, as this portal has opened.  We are talking about a literal Stargate into different dimensions.  These cosmic energies can really help bring us back into, or just into better alignment.  These waves of energy are full of light codes that are triggering your DNA to activate.  Today is a massive day for activating the codes in which you already carry.  We came with our own set of codes that we needed.  These ascension energies and the inner work that we are doing will allow us to further activate them.  9 also is the numerology of the completion of a cycle.  This really is a new beginning and it’s time to ditch the baggage.  We are shedding our past, it must be left behind.  Expect some resolution if your dealing with any karmic situations.  If old stuff is coming up, it may be to show you how much better your reacting.  We also have Mars shifting retrograde today.  We are very much back in a Retrograde Portal this week.  There are a lot of timelines sort of colliding right now.  If past situations or people are coming up it’s to bring you some further healing or a new perspective.  Remember you have come to far to be looking back now.  We also have sort of a cosmic dance continuing to occur between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.  In a lot of ways this combination of energy has been completely dismantling the old.  We have a lot of changes occurring within the grids of the Earth.  The old is continuing to shift into the new.  These planetary alignments have had a huge influence on the collective during 2020.  The energies are continuing to rise as we approach the Autumn Equinox.  We have three months left of 2020 and we can expect a ton of energy to come with it.  This Equinox will help us all come back into balance.  It’s very important that your staying grounded in all of these energies.  Really listen to your body during this time.  Try not to overthink as we are about half way done with Virgo Season.  It’s a really good time to get outside and to connect with the Earth.  We are now manifesting the rest of the year.  Take care with your thoughts as we are making this weeks shifts.

Entering This Eclipse Gateway…

We have a lot of energies coming in.  We can see an increase of these energies during the last several years.  Friday we have a Full Moon in Cancer, which is also a Lunar Eclipse.  If you were watching this Eclipse from the Moon it would be a Solar Eclipse.  We are being reminded that our perspective is everything that makes up our world.  We have many timelines playing out across the collective, so it’s very important we are choosing ones that are best for us.  2020 is giving you a chance to write a new narrative.  It’s time to find your inspiration.  This is the first Full Moon of the decade.  Eclipses are a time of rapid change.  They are energetic Gateways.  The energy may feel intense, but it’s all about transformation.  Emotions may be running high and any unhealed issues may be coming up.  Lunar energy affects the subconscious, drawing to the surface what is underneath.  This Full Moon is also in Cancer, thats a lot of water energy considering the Moon has a huge influence on water.  We are feeling more of the emotional.  Water often attracts that which needs healing.  This energy will assist you in releasing any emotional blockages.  Stay aligned with what your trying to manifest for 2020 during this gateway.  It will assist you in your travels.

We are doing an activation event in our Eclipse Facebook group Friday.  For sure make sure you sign up.



Welcome to this energy gateway! We have lots of things happening around us! We have meteors, astroids, lots of seismic and volcanic activity, fires, and all sorts of crazy stuff happening. This is a time of purification. As we are purging so is the Earth. Lots of energies are having an effect on the whole planet. This astroid, passing by us Thursday, will have an effect on the Earth’s electromagnetic field. We all know we are being deeply affected as well, because our brain waves are always going to share a frequency with the Earth’s pulse. We are shedding old energies and as we ascend into the higher dimensions we are shifting. Work on a spiritual detoxification and purifying your inner temple right now. You are part of a beautiful awakening. Let go. Surrender to the Universe and understand things couldn’t be going better.