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On The Energies…

March is a month that will bring huge changes.  We have six planets shifting signs.  It also brings the Spring Equinox.  Expect Massive Energies.  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun all will enter Aries.  The Ram is always a high energy sign.  We will kick march off with one of the most auspicious planetary arrangements of the entire year.  March 2nd we have a powerful alignment between Venus and Jupiter.  Jupiters masculine fiery energy will merge with Venus’s feminine airy energy.  They will be visible glowing together in Aries.  This alignment is set to bring through some very positive manifestations.  During the 3:3 Portal we have Venus Conjunct Chiron in Aries.  Major healing for your love life and any relationship wounds.  March 7th we have a Virgo Full Moon.  Saturn also Shifts into Pisces on this same day.  It stays in this position until May 24th 2025.  Saturn is a Planet of tough love, but helps us to clear blockages.  It’s also meant to help you in setting healthy soul boundaries.  Expect major healing energies.  This will also bring us balance and help us in a major way in anchoring our dreams into reality.  March 11th we have Jupiter Conjunct Chiron in Aries.  This is another one of the most important transits of the year.  Jupiter and Chiron only meet each other in Aries about every 50 years.  These energies are all about growth and healing the root causes of any old wounds.  Within your Awakening things will make sense more and more.  Venus shifts into Taurus March 16th.  It stays in this position until April 11th.  Expect this to be an amazing time for your love life.  A time for love to Blossom.  The Spring Equinox is March 20th.  The Sun also will enter Aries on this day.  We then have an Aries New Moon on March 21st.  This Pisces Season is all about what’s going on with your thoughts, feelings, and your dreams.  It’s the time to get a plan.  When we shift into Aries Season you will want to really take action.

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On The Energies…

Welcome to Pisces Season.  We have a New Moon in Pisces the 20th.  This Moon is aligned with the Pleiades.  It’s the second and last Super Moon of 2023.  We won’t see this one, but you should be already feeling it.  All about connecting with your psychic senses right now.  You may just have a sense of something.  Trusting what you’re feeling about things.  We are unraveling a lot of connections right now.  You may be needing to cut your cords or to be doing some major energy clearing work.  This Moon is helping us to shift into our more spiritual aspects.  All about manifesting and setting those intentions for the New, or the path ahead.  The 26th the Moon will pass the Pleiades.  That means from now thru the 26th we are receiving extra energies from the Pleiades.  February was also the start of Milky Way Season.  The Milky Way will become more and more visible.  2:22 and 2:23 are major Galactic Activation Portals! The 2:22 Portal is all about using the energies for healing and activations.  The 2:23 Portal is all about using it to shift, and creating higher timelines.

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