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On The Energies…

Tomorrow Neptune Shifts Direct in Pisces! This is creating a lot of spiritual energy.  Neptune rules over our dreams.  It also rules over the subconscious, fantasies and magic.  This is about to shift things in a big way for you, when it comes to your manifestations and turning your dreams into reality.  It’s going to light your psychic gifts on fire.  As Neptune turns direct, you are being guided to make decisions about what you genuinely want to bring into your life, and to turn into reality.  These energies are all about manifestation.  This is a time of increased clarity.  While Neptune was in Retrograde it brought up many blocks to clear.  We have been clearing a lot of self-sabotaging, unhealthy patterns.  We are in a major healing cycle!  Expect more downloads and dreams during this time.  Pay attention to the higher guidance that is coming through.  Pay attention to your intuition right now.  You’re extra active in the astrals right now.  Pay attention to the dreams you’re having, and the messages that are coming through with them. You’re meant to be anchoring your dreams and manifesting them into the physical reality.  We are about to move into the energies of the 12:12 Portal then the Winter Solstice.  Both are very important Gates for Ascension.  The 12:12 Portal is a Gateway into Union for Soulmates and Twin Flames.  We are in a huge influx of energies already as December brings a lot of Galactic Energies.

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Neptune Shifts Direct…

Neptune shifts direct today.  This is making it a dreamy vibe.  This weeks energy is all about intention and manifesting.  Neptune has been in retrograde since June 21st.  This shift is turning your intuition all the way up.  Neptune rules our dreams, imagination, and spirituality.  This shift is making it easier to connect to our dreams.  We still have a lot of solar winds coming into the Planet.  These are giving us a good idea of where our lightbody is at.  There is a lot of highly charged energy flying around, so make sure your staying grounded.  December is going to be huge for our awakening.  We have some powerful energy that will be setting the stage for 2020.  These energies are meant to move us along on our path.  We are learning how to flow and create with this energy.  Your being reminded of your potential.  With many of the Planets leaving retrograde before the end of the year it can feel like time is suddenly moving fast.  This is time to get organised.  This energy is meant to bring us into a greater alignment.  This energy is powerful for relationships.  It seems to be either making them or breaking them.  We are just able to see and feel more and more of what really lies underneath.  Anything not real must go now.  Many souls are remembering and even longing for union with their twin flames.  This is a powerful time for love.  It has the potential of lifting your unions up even higher.

Manifesting With This Storm

This Space Storm is stirring up the usual elements.  We have lots at play astrological.  This storm is now at its peak.  It’s never been more important that your in control of your mental aspect.  We have a Full Moon in Gemini it’s making you more aware of your conscious programming.  We have Planets shifting in and out of Retrograde.  Venus is direct, this will make your money flow again.  Neptune is moving direct shaking up the illusion and our dreamstates.  Mercury the messenger of the Gods is Retrograde pushing us to let go of the past.  These energetic dynamics are creating gateways.  Sunday is the luckiest day of the year in terms of manifesting.  Your going to ride this energy wave until then.  There are many distractions around you.  This is not the time to allow yourself these distractions.  Your needed to be doing gridwork and manifesting with this storm.  There is a daily war occurring over the main consciousness grid.  Because of this you were unplugged, we had the need to create our own grids.  Your vibration is crucial in keeping them operational.  The fate of humanity lies within your vibration frequency and your intent.  Remain focused on only what you want to materialise with this storm.  The entire Universe is around you, your thoughts are about to form it into your reality.  This is a month of instant manifestation.  Use this gateway for whatever it is your creating.