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On The Energies…

We are in a minor Geomagnetic Storm.  Last night a stream of Solar Winds hit Earth’s magnetic field.  The Solar Wind is going to intensify today.  It’s a busy day in the sky.  We have Mercury sextile Mars.  Mercury is a messenger God.  This placement is going to really amplify the energies.  Your energy levels may spike.  It’s a good day to get things done.  This placement is also further activating any claircognizant abilities you may have.  This is your intuitive knowing.  Expect suddenly bursts of information in the form of energetic downloads.  We also have lots of Spirit Messages coming through.  Expect communication to really open up between worlds.  We are really tapping into our past and future in this space.  Mercury is also squares Pluto today.  Pluto is God of the Underworld.  Plutonian energy can be challenging for some.  Expect it to reveal anything hidden.  This means many can expect to purge a little.  Any old traumas must be brought to the surface to be healed.  This energy is all about Death and Rebirth.  It’s all about the next version of yourself that is emerging.  It’s meant to help you to fully step into your power.  It’s the best time to be working on yourself and your healing.  Pluto is also ruler of the Spirits.  This energy is a Powerful Gateway between there world and ours.  You may be seeing spirits or auras. You may be hearing messages in songs, or through conversations, or things you read.  This is an amazing energy to connect with your loved ones in the other realm, either through prayer or some type of medium reading.  Love is also a huge focus over the next month.  Certain encounters are predestined.  That means planned before your birth.  Regardless of circumstance when your ready you will be guided back to your beloved.  Expect fate to bring many into Twin Flame Unions over the next few months.

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Rethinking The Collective..

Sometimes we need to take a break to rethink what direction we are going in.  This is an amazing time to rethink where we have evolved to as a society.  It’s not a surprise that we are now seeing an entire system failure.  In a lot of ways we have failed as a society long before this, I mean what can we really create in that illusion of separateness.  We have seen a disconnect from a lot of the basic qualities that it means to be human.  A lack of empathy and compassion for others that have been suffering.  A society that picks profits over health.  There is a large scale attempt to keep everyone in this limited version of reality.  Out of these ashes a New Earth has already risen.  One on a much higher frequency.  We are meant to be multi-dimensional existing in many places at once.  This is where humanity is headed to.  We can either chose elevate our frequency so that we can keep up with Gaia, as she makes her ascension, or we will leave the experience.  This Planet is out of harmony as people are not doing the work to keep up with these new energies.  That is why we will see an increase in health related issues as the schumman resonance continues to rise.  This is the space where we rethink how we are living as a collective.  We could not continue down this path.  We are watching a crumbling of the old, but it’s collapsing into something new and more in alignment with us spiritually.  Use this time to tune into the spiritual.  Work on your healing and make sure your eating better foods.  What we are experiencing now is temporary so it’s really important that we are going with the flow of this transition.  The rest of this month will help shift people back to a space of oneness.

Shifting Into Virgo..

As we make this shift into Virgo it’s bringing up some karmic lose ends.  Things that can continue to be healed and released may be coming to the surface.  We still have a lot of incoming energy hitting us the rest of August.  These energies are giving you what you need to make more shifts in your life.  We are currently going through an energetic recalibration on this Planet.  We have a chance to adapt to the raising frequencies.  This will require us to heal and continue to evolve towards the spiritual.  This is about finding the best version of yourself.  It’s being authentic on every level and in alignment with your soul.  There is an expansion occurring within our hearts and minds.  An energy guiding us within and without.  It’s a good time to work on fine tuning our abilities.  As we make this shift into Virgo we have an opportunity to let go of fear once and for all.  Pay attention to any limiting thoughts that may be recurring for you.  These are areas you’ll need to work on.  This energy is powerful to tune into the spiritual.  You have much love and assistance coming to you from the other realms.

This is an amazing energy to be attuned in, I highly recommend signing up for a class or an energetic clearing..