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Navigating This Weeks Energies…

It’s Retrograde Season still and this week we have shifted into Eclipse Season.  Let’s not forget a lot of the world is still locked down from the pandemic.  This is a powerful time for humanity.  Things are getting intense as the energies continue to increase.  The United States is witnessing a level of civil unrest not seen in decades.  Mercury is in Cancer and it’s digging up karma from the past.  We have a Triple Eclipse Gateway opening though.  So we can expect things to intensify as we move through this weeks first Eclipse.  Friday’s Lunar Eclipse will occur during the strawberry Full Moon.  It’s also taking us into the shadow.  This Sagittarius Moon is meant to assist us in clearing any outdated beliefs.  It will ignite the warrior and fire within us.  It also will help us with clearing any power struggles.  These energies are meant to assist us with a deeper liberation.  A lot of energy from the past is coming back.  This Eclipse is an opening between worlds.  This is why we are seeing a pull to want to change the world.  People are beginning to glimpse that something better awaits.  This first eclipse is directly opposite Venus Retrograde and the Sun.  this could trigger past relationship issues or even old ancestral programming.  Any low vibrational energies are going to continue to be stirred up and cleared.  We will see a huge planetary purge this month.  We are also being tested.  We have a lot of trauma being pushed to the surface.  Humanity will continue to purge out the old to make space for the new.  Remember this is why we are here.  We came to offer our light.  These events are waking up many to their roles as lightworkers.

Eclipse Energies…

This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is the completion of a cycle.  It’s meant to bring closure.  Many outdated timelines are crumbling.  The things no longer in alignment with us spiritually must be released.  With any closure comes a new beginning.  Many of you are between worlds.  In releasing the old you’ll see more of the new.  This energy is powerful.  It’s trying to push you into further alignment with your purpose.  To many people have become to satisfied in the material.  This energy is pushing you to further discover who you are on a soul level.  What is your role in being here at this time? Is there a mission your soul agreed to to assist with before incarnating here? This energy is encouraging us delve deeper into our purpose.  This journey was always designed to lead us to self mastery.  These retrogrades are amplifying this alignment, and pushing us to go deeper within.  When this Eclipse occurs it will be activating our third eyes.  We have a geomagnetic storm affecting us at the same time.  This storm energy is causing us to produce more melatonin in our pineal gland.  The activation occurring within these receptors is activating our DNA.  These Eclipse cycles are huge for our spiritual evolution.

Your pineal gland, or third eye is your inner eye.  Check out our third eye activations to further awaken your psychic sight and psychic abilities..

Incoming Energies

The energy is shifting and creating a space for a clearing.  Any old issues that have not been resolved will be coming to the surface while Chiron is retrograde.  We go through many layers with this ascension.  This energy is pushing you to open up more.  This is time to cleanse your system energetically.  How your handling these shifts is a good indicator of where your at energetically.  This Eclipse, tomorrow, is also a Full Moon in Capricorn.  It may be seen as a Black Moon.  This represents the unconscious so all sorts of interesting things may be coming to the surface.  Old emotions or memories may be surfacing through your dreams or in your conscious state.  We have 6 Planets in retrograde so this energy is shifting to a slower pace.  It’s time to slow down, turning inward.  There is an energetic reset that will occur with this Eclipse.  It’s meant to move us to higher frequencies and higher timelines.  We must close any old karmic doors we may have left open, simply by letting go.  It’s only in letting go of the old that we will have the space for new manifestations to arrive.  This Eclipse is opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  Cancer rules the realm of unconscious emotions and Pluto rules the underworld and karma.  It’s time to detox the old to step into your full potential.

Pluto represents the Phoenix.  It’s a good time to burn away any lower energies or blockages.  If your needing a clearing see our shop… 

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