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On This Triple Eclipse Gateway..

We are still in an eclipse gateway window until next week.  In fact we have just completed the second of three eclipses we will experience this Eclipse Season.  This is a triple eclipse gateway that we are in.  We will have the final eclipse on the 4th of July.  This will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  This means we will have 3 eclipses in one lunar month.  That’s actually really rare! This is a time of huge changes that are unfolding.  We have a lot of different energies and alignments to help us with this transition.  Neptune has shifted into Retrograde and Venus is getting ready to shift direct.  This is good news for our relationships.  We have been clearing a lot of deep programming, a lot of them love related.  Since we are going through so many upgrades you may even feel a little disconnected during this time.  That can be a normal response to Retrograde Season.  We are going to continue to do a lot of purifying the rest of this year.  Make sure your taking time to come back into balance right now.  We just had a lot of intense energies, which means intense upgrades.  As we are levelling up we are releasing layers of past stuff.  It’s important that we are taking space to better adjust.  This is a big recalibration we are all going through.  July is going to bring with it some intense energies.  We are being prepared energetically for something huge and July is going to really prepare us for that.  We can expect this years Lionsgate to be extra powerful.  We are in Cancer Season and this will help us with clearing any stuck emotions.  We are releasing a lot of old energies.  This is meant to bring us into better alignment.  It’s through doing more clearing and healing that we can be moved forward to a more positive place.  This is actually a powerful time for relationships, twin flames, and the divine masculine.  This is a good time to focus on your home and family life.  This is powerful energy for doing deep healing or manifesting.  There’s lots of magic in the air.

Entering This Eclipse Gateway…

We have a lot of energies coming in.  We can see an increase of these energies during the last several years.  Friday we have a Full Moon in Cancer, which is also a Lunar Eclipse.  If you were watching this Eclipse from the Moon it would be a Solar Eclipse.  We are being reminded that our perspective is everything that makes up our world.  We have many timelines playing out across the collective, so it’s very important we are choosing ones that are best for us.  2020 is giving you a chance to write a new narrative.  It’s time to find your inspiration.  This is the first Full Moon of the decade.  Eclipses are a time of rapid change.  They are energetic Gateways.  The energy may feel intense, but it’s all about transformation.  Emotions may be running high and any unhealed issues may be coming up.  Lunar energy affects the subconscious, drawing to the surface what is underneath.  This Full Moon is also in Cancer, thats a lot of water energy considering the Moon has a huge influence on water.  We are feeling more of the emotional.  Water often attracts that which needs healing.  This energy will assist you in releasing any emotional blockages.  Stay aligned with what your trying to manifest for 2020 during this gateway.  It will assist you in your travels.

We are doing an activation event in our Eclipse Facebook group Friday.  For sure make sure you sign up.