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Ring Of Fire Eclipse Meditation…

We are meditating today for the Ring Of Fire Eclipse.  Eclipses are so powerful that they are meant to activate our fate or destiny.  This is the New Moon right before the Summer Solstice which is also a Solar Eclipse. Powerful energies to be tapping into.  We have an extra boost manifesting this week as we are in the peak of the Arietid’s Meteor Shower.  Here is the link to meditate with us today!


art: @kokeeneva

On The Energies…

It’s a New Month and New Energies.  Welcome to June! This month will be huge energetically.  Right now we are in the middle of Eclipse Season and Retrograde Season.  Big shifts have been happening over the past week.  We have been doing a lot of clearing.  This is to prepare us for the massive influx of light codes coming with this month’s Summer Solstice.  We have Incoming Solar Storms you are probably already feeling too.  Expect a massive influx of Galactic Energies this week.  This week we have the 6:6 Gateway which will bring some big energies.  This years 6:6 Portal will be extra powerful.  We are going through a huge shift in consciousness.  66 symbolises unconditional love, faith, trust and healing.  We are in such a powerful space for Ascension like never before.  This Gateway is all about opening up and activating our higher heart chakra.  It’s meant to better connect us with our spiritual heart.  For some that may mean clearing the traumas of the past to become more open to these Divine Energies.  June is a Solar Month.  Next up we have the Ring of Fire Eclipse.  Next week’s Gemini New Moon is going to literally take us through the fire.  It’s a time to shed the old, as in past versions of ourselves.  These energies also tend to shake things up.  For many awakening that means the core of there belief systems.  Try to keep an open mind right now.  We are going to be really feeling the effects of this Eclipse Season for the next 3-6 months.  Expect big changes as June is going to bring some dramatic energies and a huge increase in the energies and the frequencies.  The energy of the Sun and the Moon together is so powerful that it creates new stars.  We are also made of stars and these energies are bringing huge changes to our DNA.  June is bringing such an increase in the spiritual energies.  This month the veil is lifting even more and will be super thin.  This is the time of year for the fairies.  It’s a beautiful time to connect with the elemental realms which are very open.  This Eclipse Gateway is opening up entire worlds and dimensions.

art: @kokeeneva

Eclipse Gateway…

We are in the middle of a powerful Eclipse Gateway.  The time in between the Lunar and Solar Eclipse is a powerful portal.  We are preparing for next weeks Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini, which is June 10th.  This is the Ring of Fire Eclipse.  This is a Partial Solar Eclipse.  It occurs when the Moon is farthest away from Earth.  It is the opposite of a Super Moon.  It’s still going to bring a some powerful energies.  Solar Eclipses are also a Lunar Event.  This one will be dramatic.  The Ring of Fire Eclipse will bring the energy of three New Moons in one.  The Sun, the Moon and the Earth are aligning and June is going to bring some major upgrades.  This Eclipse Season is happening simultaneously with Retrograde Season.  That means the energies of both combined are digging around in your past.  It isn’t to take you backwards, that isn’t even possible.  There is a cleansing that is happening.  We are living in a time where big changes are occurring.  We have much healing work to do.  Solar Eclipses are a time to go within.  You have such a path ahead of you, full of new opportunities and possibilities.  It is important to clear the patterns of the past so you can step more fully into your future.  The Sun is our life force.  Without the Sun we would not exist.  Eclipses block the Sun’s light.  This can make the energies a little unstable.  Be more careful, sometimes accidents are more likely to occur in Eclipse Energies.  It’s a great time to meditate, light candles, and set intentions.  It’s also a great time with this Eclipse Gateway to make changes.  These energies are amazing for clearing and releasing any negative thinking.  Eclipses can bring some heavy collective energies to the surface.  It’s important your doing extra cleansing and clearing.  It’s a great time to be doing some extra saging, or to book an energy clearing.