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On The Energies…

Destiny aligning June 1 as Jupiter and the North Node meet up in Taurus for a Conjunction.  The North Node is the Dragons Head.  The Dragon’s Head signifies family lineage Karma.  That means June 1st is huge.  If you have any type of family connected karmic debt owed out, it may be coming up during this time.  This could be past challenges coming up for healing, or challenges that are still going on coming up now.  If you have been doing a lot of healing work, expect some of the family karma that you have been working on in this lifetime to come full circle.  Both the South and North Node tell a story of Fate and Destiny.  Your South Node is weaved together by your past lives, and your karmic past.  Your North Node is in this lifetime and your Soul Mission.  Your South Node is the lessons, and baggage that you were born with.  You very much pick up where you left off in each lifetime.  Your South Node shows the gifts you brought into this lifetime.  The North Node is the gifts you came to learn, or activate in this lifetime.  Your South Node is the energy of your childhood.  Your North Node the energy you’re meant to Shift into.  Your North Node is the energy you need to shift into.  The element that you need to really work with, and harness in order to reach your full potential.  Your North Node is being super activated right now.  Love is in the air! Jupiter is bringing shifts in luck! You should be feeling things are aligning with a higher destiny the rest of this week! Bringing up major love and romance as both meet up in Taurus, sign of the Goddess of Love.  Not to mention the incoming Pleiadian Energies coming with it!

art: @glittsparkles