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Mars Retrograde…

Mars has shifted retrograde in Aries.  We should probably pay attention to this shift as it’s been direct for more then two and a half years.  Mars will remain retrograde until November 13th.  This could shake things up for the next two months.  We can expect some drama.  We are also seeing a lot of fires.  We are feeling this energy a little extra as Mars is also very close to the Earth.  In astrology Mars rules the root chakra.  We are seeing a lot of changes happen fast within the old energetic grids of the Earth, as well as the new.  We all have a chakra system within the body.  These are energy centers that run from the base of our spine to the top of our heads.  Gaia, our Planet, the Earth, also has a chakra system.  The Earth’s chakras are major power points on the planet.  The Earths chakras are connected through the ley lines.  These ley lines form a grid of energy that circles the planet.  We are all connected through this grid of energy.  Many of you are energy workers.  Some of you have been guided to, or even placed on the ley lines at different times.  We can see a lot of fires happening near that base chakra area.  The root chakra of the Earth is Mount Shasta, California.  This chakra is RA, it is the tail of the dragon.  It is the source of all life force energy.  It is the root of this planet’s entire energy system.  This chakra actually regulates all of the life force energy of the planet.  Mars has shifted retrograde and is very much affecting not just our root chakras, but Gaia’s.  There is a purge occurring in this area.  This may be temporarily throwing things out of balance.  When our root is unbalanced we may feel uncertain, or even out of balance.  It’s important that we are all working on coming back into balance energetically during this time.  It’s important that we are connecting with Gaia during this time.

Venus Shifting Into Pisces…

We have many shifts in energy occurring right now.  We can expect a huge stream if solar winds the next few days.  Today Venus is shifting into Pisces.  This is really good for relationships.  This placement can really help shift things with our relationships.  This placement will last for several weeks, so we can expect some major assistance with anything we are manifesting or dreaming of doing.  We still are assimilating a lot of these Eclipse energies.  We know that the effect of an Eclipse can last for several months.  This energy is pushing us to recalibrate.  This Capricorn energy is great for getting organised.  It’s time to further detox our bodies and our personal space.  A lot of stuck energy has been clearing.  These energies are giving you more and more direction as to things you need to work on.  We are now grounding into the element of Earth so this is a powerful month to get outside and connect with the Earth.  We are anchoring more and more into the new.  This is a powerful time to bring your manifestations through.

If your feeling heavy it’s a good time to set up an energy clearing…

Incoming Galactic Waves..

We are being rewired to vibrate on higher and higher frequencies.  As this is happening it’s purging out our energy fields.  The waves of energy hitting the Planet are creating a system reboot.  The Earth is changing frequency fast and the human body is going through major adjustments as its being recalibrated to resonate on these new frequencies.  As these waves of energy are hitting its bringing lifetimes of pain, trauma, and karma to the surface to be cleared and healed.  This may be creating a purge like effect.  Your body has many blockages left to release.  Any negative energies or emotions must be released from our chakras.  Your body is cleaning itself of any impurities, toxins, or imbalances.  Here are some Ascension symptoms being felt at this time:

-Stress or pressure.  This process is opening you up to more energy.  You need more energetic space within you.  You have more to release.

-Depression.  This is removing any past life darkness.  This is an indicator that you have more healing to do from your past or past lives.

-Anxiety.  Your ego feels out of control.  Your meant to lose that identity to live in a space of your higher self.  Just let go.  You have ore subconscious reprogramming to do.

-Hunger or Lack of Appetite.  Your body needs more energy.  Its a sign it’s not getting the energy it needs or your burning through to much energy.

-Aches and Pains.  If it’s in the upper back you may be growing wings.  This is energetic blocks releasing.

-Nausea, diarrhoea, or stomach issues.  This is a purge of emotions that need to be cleared and released.

-Sleep issues, exhaustion, either you can’t sleep, or waking up more.  This is a sign that your making contact with the inter-dimensional.  Your also releasing many emotions and programs not serving you while your sleeping.

-Over emotional.  This is a process of letting go and these are emotions that need to be released.  Repressed emotions create blockages that need to be cleared.

-Sweating.  A sign your shifting to a higher vibration.

-Vivd Dreams.  Your releasing many lifetimes of energies and traumas.

Memory Loss.  Your becoming someone new and for the first time in a long time your becoming your higher self once again.

-Ringing in the ears, vertigo, dizziness, or seeing or hearing things.  Your becoming more and more sensitive to the new frequencies or energies.

-Wanting to go home.  Your soul is leading you back to Source.

Shifts in friends, living situations, and jobs.  Your becoming more and more who your higher self is.

If your experiencing Ascension symptoms you may want to book a chakra clearing with us.