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On The Energies…

We have a lot of Galactic Energies coming in right now.  You can probably feel the storm in the air.  The Equinox shifted us into the last quarter of the year.  We are going to continue to receive and feel the energies of the Equinox over the next few weeks.  The energies are going to be really high this week.  We are now in Libra Season.  This Libra Season is all about coming back into balance and harmony.  Make sure your really working on your energy to make that happen.  This Libra Season is also a heavy Retrograde Season.  We have 6 planetary retrogrades.  Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde.  This can be confusing things.  Libra Season is meant to bring healing to your love life.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love.  It’s known as a time to cuddle or snuggle.  This is a time to choose love on every level.  Libra is also about coming together and working together.  The more we unite with others the easier of a time we should have.  It’s not just about what we can create alone anymore, but what we will create together.  October 6th we have a Libra New Moon.  We will feel the effects of this New Moon for four weeks too! It will be extra powerful! These New Moon energies will also shifts the focus back to the Divine Feminine.  We are being encouraged to come into more balance with the Feminine and Masculine.  This New Moon will also bring a lot of Mars energy with it.  It’s so important to be doing something positive with these energies.  Pluto is also adding to the energies.  Pluto rules over death and rebirth.  Pluto loves to take us on a trip into the Underworld.  The Northern Hemisphere will continue to tilt away from the Sun this time of year.  Your being reminded that in darker spaces your meant to only shine so much brighter.  Asteroid Karma will be adding to the energies.  Our intentions and actions are what makes up our future path, not just in this life but in the next.  These energies are going to help us to clear any karma, but are giving us a chance to break any karmic cycles.  Saturn also rules over karma and shifts direct October 10th.  Expect to be dealing with and clearing any karmic baggage going on until then.  A lot of the time that is your own programming and how you react to things.  You may be having old feelings coming to the surface to heal and release.  We are only a few days from October.  October is going to bring new energies and much higher frequency energies.  October also brings Samhain (Halloween).  That means the veil between worlds will continue to thin, and reach its thinnest of the year on Samhain.  That means we have more contact with the other side.  Autumn is knows as The Season Of The Witch.  You’ll get more glimpses past the veil.  Because the veil is thin we can tap into more of our spiritual gifts.  If you are a Lightworker make sure your protecting your energy a little extra right now.

art: @ramonlassc

On The Energies…

This week is bringing some New Energies and some powerful Gateway Energies.  The 333 Portal is already very much Open.  The waves of Ascension Energies streaming in have kicked off a Geomagnetic Storm.  We are seeing tons of Solar Winds.  These Energies are powerful and are packed full of New Crystalline Light Codes.  Think of these Light Codes as the Key Codes needed to activate your DNA.  They are also activating and turning on your entire Soul Blueprint.  Your Soul Blueprint contains information for your journey, lessons, and even purpose.  This is all being Upgraded.  Many of you are Starseeds and are now remembering that you came from higher realms or even different Star Systems.  There is a Deep Healing that is taking place within these Energies.  We are clearing a lot of traumas.  Some of these traumas go deep into past lives, or were even were passed down from our ancestors.  Doing some type of Energy Work will really help with this process.  The Dreamy Vibes will continue this week as we continue through Pisces Season.  You may be feeling more sensitive to different energies while in this element.  The 333 Portal will bring a Major Shift in the  Energies.  The number 3 represents creativity, joy, psychic abilities, third eye activation and the holy trinity.  333 is a sign that angels and ascended masters are guiding and assisting you with your ascension journey.  This Gateway is massive for Twin Flames and anyone in or coming into Divine Union.  This Gateway will also bring a major Shift for the Divine Masculine.  Pay attention to any messages you may be receiving from your angels.  If your seeing  reoccurring numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 know there is a message encoded in each number.

art: @kokeeneva