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Flower Moon

We are still in an energy storm… Things should settle down by like Thursday, use this weekend to get into nature and to rest. We will have a full moon the 10th. Native Americans named this moon the Flower Moon. It’s also known as Mother’s Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, and the Milk Moon. This is a time of abundance, or a time when flowers bloom. This moon signifies things blossoming after lying dormant for months. This full moon is in Scorpio. It’s the most crime prone full moon as well as being the sexiest and most romantic moon of the year. This moon brings out more thoughts of crimes of passion, jealousy, and revenge. Basically it’s pulling everyone back into their own darkness. It’s making people emotional as well. Some signs will be affected more then others. Stay grounded and calm if your a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. Do things with passion or intent. Spend time with people you love and know this is a powerful transformation. Remember after having Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury in retrograde some passion will be nice. Scorpio and Taurus will become almost magnetic. They will radiate charm and achieve any projects they are undertaking. You might feel low on energy, but you will get things done. This is a time for abundance for all. Be grateful for what you already have. Money is just energy and we all have infinite energy so we are all already abundant beyond belief.


I am in the abundant flow of the Universe. The creative energy of abundance is the Source of us all. I live in a world of infinite possibilities. I refuse to let limited beliefs rule me ever again. I know this entire experience is an illusion, it’s a hologram. When we give our power to the illusion we cut ourselves off from Source. We all knows what happens when we chose to cut ourselves off from consciousness. Go within and connect yourselves back to the Divine flow of the Universe. Release any attachments to the outer or material world. Attachments effect your inner beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. In order to receive we must give in some way. Find a way to be service-to-others. Gratitude is great way to raise your vibration to align with this flow. The more you are grateful for, the more the Universe will give you. The best way to be in the flow is to create something. We are all co-creators!