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On The Energies…

Happy 6:6 Portal!! It’s the 6th day, of the 6th month.  The 6:6 Portal is a powerful Angelic and Galactic Gateway.  A high frequency portal of energies.  Bringing major healing energies.  Healing you so you can work though your own baggage.  Things may be coming to the surface like never before.  These energies are pushing you to clear and resolve any karma.  Expect major DNA Activations, and Ascension Upgrades.  These energies are preparing us for the Summer/ Winter Solstice.  (The 21st).  The energies of todays 6:6 Portal are preparing you for what you have been asking for.  Your prayers are being heard.  Expect an increase in Angel Numbers, Divine Messages, and Miracles.  You may be also having a lot of messages coming through from your loved ones in Spirit.  Today is an amazing day for doing energy work.  Great energies to be tapping into!  This is a major manifestation portal too! A great time to be focusing on what you do want in life.  Great energies for healing and clearing the things that may be holding you back.  Right now the energies are surging.  It’s a great time to connect.  Expect the energies to only build more momentum as we move closer towards the Summer/ Winter Solstice.  The next 2 weeks will bring heightened energies.  All about your own healing and what you’re working on right now.

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On The Energies…

Welcome to June.  You’re probably feeling the high energies.  That’s because this month brings the Summer Solstice.  June 3 is our Sagittarius Full Moon.  This Strawberry Moon will ripen close to Midnight and will appear full for about three days.  Next week starts out with a bang as Monday Venus shifts into Leo for a four month journey, until Oct 8th.  Venus will shift Retrograde in Leo from July 22nd to Sep 3rd.  Venus Retrograde is a transit that brings up any issues around love and money.  Because this Retrograde takes place in Leo it’s stirring up things around past relationships you have already been through, and where you’re at with your love life.  Tuesday is the 6:6 Portal.  Huge for your awakening and the activations you’re receiving.  We have a theme of self care coming up for June.  There is a huge focus on healing family and your ancestral line right now.  We have shooting stars kicking off now too with the 6:6 Portal.  June 7th is the peak of the Daytime Arietids.  It’s the strongest daytime meteor shower of the year.  June 10th we have the Pleiades return for a powerful alignment.  The Pleiades are making their first morning appearance and will be supercharging our Sun.  June 16th our Moon passes 2° from the Pleiades in the morning.  Powerful alignment between our Waning Crescent Moon and the Pleiades.  June 17th kicks off Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius.  This years Saturn Retrograde can feel like a wake up call.  All about better boundaries this year.  June 17th we also have a rare planetary alignment as Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury all line up in the morning sky.  5 planets in a row just before Sunrise.  Cancer Season and the Summer Solstice kick off June 21st.  Expect huge Shifts!  The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year.  Expect about 16 hours of sunlight! The Summer Solstice marks the first day of Summer.  We then celebrate Midsummer June 24th.  This is one of my favorite Fairy Gateways too.

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On The Energies…

On Monday the June 6th we have the 6:6:6 Portal.  6 6: 2+0+2+2=6.  The 6:6:6 Portal is going to kick off the energies of the Summer Solstice.  The next three weeks are going to be bringing some powerful energies.  Expect a huge influx of Galactic Energies.  June 3rd we come out of Mercury Retrograde.  You may feel a little like you have a hangover this week, or a little groggy from this.  We will remain in a Post Retrograde Shadow for the next two weeks.  That means don’t make any big decisions, or drastic moves right now.  Saturn shifts Retrograde June 4th to Oct 23rd.  That means we are already in that retroshade, or shadow before Saturn’s backspin.  This has been digging up old things.  It’s giving you a chance to clear and heal from any past karma.  We have to learn how to navigate things in a different way within these energies.  It’s requiring us to let go of old ways of thinking.  The first half of June is all about our thoughts.  We are needing to let go of the negative thinking.  June 14th brings us a Strawberry Supermoon.  This Sagittarius Full Moon is amazing for anyone traveling, or planning to travel in the future.  It can open up new adventures.  June 21st is the Summer Solstice.  We are going to be feeling the energies of the Solstice starting this week.  That means we are in a heightened space for the energies while the Solstice Gateway activates.  That makes June a powerful month for manifesting.  Remember you create anything your thinking about all day long.  That means if your staying positive about what your working on, it will materialize.  June is also a powerful space for healing and doing activation work.

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