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Shift: 11:11

11 11 twin flame soulsThis is exactly what my twin flame and I are doing today! We are travelers of time and space. We use our love to shift in and out of parallel Universes. All you have to do is shift from fear to love. There are traps everywhere today, soul traps intending to keep you trapped in a lower reality. So instead focus on love. It’s with love that we will raise the vibration of the entire planet. There is no greater force in the Universe then Divine love..


Synchronicity is defined as a coincidental occurrence of events, that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality. This could be a psychic event where you see an event before it happens. The physical reality you see around you is really a consciousness program that is made of digital codes. Numbers and numerical codes make up our entire existence. Human DNA is made to be activated by digital codes at certain times and frequencies. These codes wake up people to the evolution of consciousness. 11:11 is a number code that means your DNA is being activated. We are all around numbers everyday. Synchronicity is not a coincidence, it’s a sign someone is trying to communicate with you. 11:11 is almost like a gate or a portal, it represents moving into a new phase. It represents a new beginning, or a rebirth. This is a the beginning of a time when we are able to create our reality with our thoughts and intentions. It is also a sign that your spiritually connected. Stay pure of heart and you will see signs all around you.