Twin Flame Healing Package – Negative Thoughts Healing

£ 1,000.00


This is an amazing healing package done in a two hour session.  Negative or dark thoughts come from past traumas.  They can also get in the way of Union.  Energy healing to help shift you into a beautiful Twin Flame Union.  Great for everyone! This package comes with an hour of energy healing.  Channeled energy healing session.  Raises your frequency, overall healing channeled for you and your Twin Flame.  Releasing any blocks or limiting beliefs that may be hindering you manifesting Union with your Twin Flame.  This hour is going to recalibrate and align your energies.  This healing is specifically for Twin Flames. Both Twin Flames are healed during this session.  Shift your mindset and energy into a more positive and aligned state.  30 minute healing for healing blocks in your Union.  Heals negative sabotaging thought/ energy  blocks.  Heals both Twin Flames.  Clears and heals any negative projections or negative distortions, or view of the other.  Replaces negative thoughts with positive ones.  Clears ego based thoughts that come up.  If there are a lot of negative thoughts in the relationship, even from only one Twin Flame the entire vibe will be anxiety-ridden, with both partners feeling there are problems where there are likely none.  Lots of negative thoughts about the relationship could be affecting Union.  Negativity in relationships is an unhealthy pattern of holding feelings of fear, anger, sadness, frustration, or perhaps even resentment.  A good healing for these type of negative emotions.  Healing for negative thinking brought in by unresolved conflicts, lack of communication, trust issues, past traumas, unrealistic expectations, or a negative mindset of one or both Twin Flames.  30 minute healing for your belief structures.  Healing for your underlying negative belief structures you’ve taken on in life.  Shift your thoughts and beliefs towards a more positive and empowering perspective.  This helps you to feel better and to attract and manifest the love and connection you desire with your Twin Flame.  Heals thinking Union isn’t possible, or that you can’t stay in Union.  Shift into a better mindset thus creating better timelines and realities with your Twin Flame.

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