Twin Flame Healing For Mirroring And Triggering Package

£ 255.00



Your Twin Flame is a mirror for you.  They reflect back what you need to heal.  This is a healing for mirroring and triggering that is coming up within the connection.  Both partners share the same core wounds.  This means different scenarios will begin to play out over and over again until healed.  This means we are being shown difficult truths about ourselves that can be quite challenging.  After this healing work you both heal and accept you’re meant to be together and you begin to work towards Union.  Healing for toxic and codependent behavior.  Healing to help resolve and heal underlying trauma and insecurities.  Healing for what is being triggers on your side in those mirror.  Personal issues and flaws surface.  Healing for the inner trauma that you’re working through.  Healing for negative narratives.  In order to manifest Union you must heal the energetic baggage.  Healing for this energetic baggage.  Healing for any internal issue that’s stopping your connection from manifesting.  Healing for the triggers that you both share.

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