Trauma Coaching Package

£ 1,111.00



This is 6 trauma coaching sessions.  It’s done best over 3 weeks too.  It’s so important that you’re finding a good healer that can help you to that next level in your life.  This is for healing the past, trauma, and complex trauma.  It’s so important that you are going into a clearing the traumas of the past.  Amazing for deep healing and building a life free from trauma.  Amazing for those that have experienced loss, trauma, or PTSD, CPTSD.  Will help you so much in shifting the energies, and a receiving a higher spiritual perspective.  Great for those that have been through things like childhood abuse, neglect, bad relationships.  Learning new techniques to help you in healing old wounds.

Recommending doing 3 rounds of this.  Are certified after each round. May use or do as many times as you need it to go into your healing.

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