Twin Flame Union/ Activator Package

£ 255.00



All Twin Flames are destined to be in Union.  Channeled light code healing to heal and activate this connection.  Great no matter what your situation.  Channeled Union codes.  Great to get you into Union or to uplift your Union.  These channeled light codes unlock your DNA for Union.  Heals karmic energies found within your DNA.  Activation keys for Union.  Activates your next level of Union and Spiritual Ascension.  Light codes are part of your DNA and when awakened they enable you to remember our spiritual powers.  Activate more gifts.  These light codes expand your consciousness.  Your consciousness rises and as your consciousness rises, so too does that of your Twin Flame.  You both begin to awaken to higher planes.  Codes for awakening you and your Twin Flame more.  Light codes to assist you in the ascension process.  Specific light codes and energies for Twin Flames and Twin Flame Union.  Take the connection and Union higher.  Open up to more downloads, information, and knowledge.

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