Twin Flame Past Connections Clearing

£ 155.00



A good clearing for any past connections. Our past partners merge their DNA with us creating major issues if they were toxic.  You exchange energies.  This has ofton times left you with energies that have weighed down your own.  Clears any energies not your own.  Clears past sexual energies.  Clears your sacral.  Great for clearing past people and energies.  Great for clearing past connections that keep popping up.  Harmonious Union is not possible till energies of these Past relationships or past lovers are cleared.  Clears energies from your past and from your energy field.  Clears past sexual energies from noir connection.  Twin Flames can reopen unhealed wounds and revisit avoided issues that a person would rather not confront.  Healing fur these past wounds.  Healing for past relationship/ sexual wounds.  Clears your energy.  This opens you up to more feeling of exchange of energy, thoughts and feelings with your Twin Flame.  Clears blocks from past partners.  If Union hasn’t happened or your Twin Flame is pushing you away it’s because of old baggage, karmic and ancestral energies and patterns.  Clears the old energies, baggage, karmic, and ancestral energies in your energy.  Clears negative patterns you picked up from others like family or karmics.  If in Union this stuff still comes up for healing.  Clears this some stuff and anything surfacing or coming up.

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