Past Life Chakra Healing Package

£ 311.00


This is an amazing healing for your past lives.  This is a healing for your past life chakra.  Our past experiences can affect us in the now, our past can hold us back.  Our past life chakra is an energy center that manages our past life memories.  If this chakra is blocked we can have more fear and self sabotage.  This chakra connects the past to our present.  It stores all of the information on our past lives.  It holds the memories from them.  Your Past Life Chakra is the energy point behind the ears near the bottom of the skull.  This is healing for any unresolved issues, patterns, and traumas rooted in our past lives.  Healing for negative behavior patterns.  This chakra holds the imprints of past life experiences, including memories, feelings, and traumas.  Brings more of your past lives online to integrate into the now.  Healing for emotional wounds and baggage from your past lives.  These experiences have left emotional imprints that manifest into this lifetime.  This heals emotions in the now, that are coming from past lives.  Great for healing these unresolved emotions that can manifest as fear, or recurring patterns.  Heals limited beliefs, generational karma, and karmic lessons.  Healing for your the karmic imprints that you hold that you have accumulated.  Heals past life traumas.  Heals any traumas that still carry energy imprints.  That may be affecting you in the now.   Heals energy imprints of generational karma.  Healing for your past lives so that you can move forward from them.

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