Twin Flame Infinity Healing Package

£ 888.00



Boost and heal your love life.   Great for bringing overall healing to your energy and for your love life.  Helps to heal past relationship wounds that you both carry.  Channeled key codes for your Union.  Great for healing no matter what your situation.  Healing for your energy so that there is better energy in the connection.  This is a healing for the infinity energy loop that you share with your Twin Flame.  This means you’re always exchanging your energy with this person, and also receiving theirs.  Healing for your energy, and for the infinity energy loop that you share.  Heals any negative energy in between, uplifting the flow of energy.  Unlocks and activates higher Twin Flame energy exchanges.  Tap into them more.  Codes to anchor in and manifest higher timelines.  Brings your dream visions of your Twin Flame down into reality.  They always share the same dreams about you.   Helps you to anchor in and manifest those timelines.  Great for activating and shifting into a more 5D state with your Twin Flame.   Heals your Twin Flame infinity energy loop so there is more positive energy being exchanged between both Twin Flames.  Shifts you to higher 5D timelines.

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