Twin Flame Clearing For Subconscious Blocks

£ 155.00


Your Twin is your mirror soul. They are always reflecting your subconscious relationship with yourself.  If Twin Flame isn’t ready for Union.  This means you aren’t.  In Union and blocks have come up? These are your blocks to clear.  This clearing helps you to focus your thoughts and beliefs to align with Union.  A good clearing for subconscious blocks. A great healing for everyone.  Clears anxieties.  Clears and removes the subconscious blocks that are holding you back.  These subconscious blockages come from your fear, guilt, shame, and other negative emotions, thinking, and behaviors told to you from your ego.  These blocks are what we work though on the Twin Flame Journey.  Most subconscious blockages come from negative experiences in the past.  Clearing for these experiences and blocks that came with them.   Clearing for unresolved emotional issues.  Clearing for self defeating behaviors and patterns.  Clearing for toxic personal beliefs.

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