Shadow Healing Package For Twin Flames

£ 211.00



Many wounds come up from separation.  Even in Union old separation wounds may come up.  You’re always in Union no matter what the physical reality looks like.  It won’t always feel like that.  Healing for any negative feelings around your Union.  Great for healing Twin Flame blocks, or healing negative thought blocks.  Your Twin Flame brings up many hidden or repressed aspects.  Healing for any pain they have brought up.  Healing for any inner fragmentation.  There are parts you have yet not accepted and integrated, your shadow part.  The aspects that you refuse to see.  This is causing you to feel fragmented within yourself and your Twin Flame helps us to become aware of this.  Heals and balances your light and dark aspects.  Healing for your shadow self.  Healing for your heart.  Connects you to your heart.  Opens up your heart more.  Within your heart you can access the Divine  portals of Universal Unity, as it is the doorway to your Soul and to your connection with Divinity.  Healing for areas you have been blocking Divine love.  Heals pain hidden within the heart.  Opens you up to more guidance from your heart and your intuition.  Healing for shadow/ subconscious beliefs.  A Twin Flame shines a light on your darkness.  A healing for the darker aspects.  Heals the dark side of the connection.  Healing for your lower self.

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