Karmic Soulmate & False Twin Flame Healing Package

£ 255.00


You may need deep healing from a toxic karmic connection or a False Twin Flame.  Karmic connections teach us love but they can also become extremely toxic and can drain your energy.  Karmic soul mates are soul mates we have had past lives with, that we share unresolved karma with.  They come into our lives to resolve these issues on an emotional and spiritual level, but this can become extremely painful and confusing.  You may feel extremely attached to a karmic soul connection.  Even unable to let go of its toxic energies.  False Twin Flames are very similar, they are toxic soul connections that can be confused for a Twin Flame because of the intensity of the connection, these relationships can become extremely unhealthy and toxic.  This heals you from these type of dynamics.  This healing cuts karmic cords, release toxic energies and karmic or toxic blockages that come from karmic soul connections or from a false twin flame.  Break the negative patterns that can come from these types of relationships.  These soul connections can be extremely painful to let go of.  Release unhealthy soil attachments.  Healing for toxic karmic connections.  Releases past life and karmic blockages.  Healing for False Flame.  Cutting toxic karmic cords and karmic attachments.  Balances and raises your energy.  A great healing for all past relationships too.

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