Build Your Business Coaching Package

£ 5,000.00



This package is great for everyone, no matter where you’re at.

This is done  in 6 sessions.  An intensive 3-6 week get your business going package.  You can move through the sessions as you are ready.  You get text/ email support during this time.

I am there to guide you and to offer encouragement and direction as needed.

You will be given special tailored homework to do things that will help your business.

Gives you tools on manifesting clients, and more money.

We go over goals, and clear the blocks energetically.

The first session I figure out what you need, and what the issues are.  We figure out and clear the stumbling blocks.

Great for any type of business, or business ideas.

I’ve done this myself and I am so good at building businesses, and companies.  I also know how to kick start them from the ground up.

I customize the sessions to reach your goal.  I work with Spirit as well.  All channeled sessions and assignments.

I have tons of resources, and know what to do.

We focus on your goals and making you more successful.

Helps to improve all areas.

More self-awareness and learning about your blind spots.

Some things you get out of this: Upleveling your business, and sales, stronger leadership skills, clearing what’s holding you back, tackling specific business related problems, help expanding/ or building, increasing profits.

Can be used for trouble shooting work issues/ or job dissatisfaction too.  Or to level up at work.

These are 6 call phone sessions. 

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