Healing Mentoring Package

£ 1,111.00



This is 6 sessions specifically for you.  These are individual sessions where we connect with the energies specifically for you.  This is a coaching package for your own healing.  It will help you specifically to move through what is coming up for you during this time in your life and with your ascension.  These are done as phone sessions where we go over specific issues.  These sessions clear blocks and raise your frequency in a powerful way.  Help to clear any issues, and help activating more of your gifts.  These sessions help you get a ton of specific information that is just for you.  Deep healing work is done in these sessions.  I give you exercises designed to help you specifically for your awakening.  I give you specific journaling prompts to take you deeper into your healing, and manifestations.  These are done as 6 phone sessions.  

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