Twin Flame Astral Body Activation Package

£ 155.00


Twin Flames are one energy, and one astral body, that’s been split into two physical bodies.  They are an exact mirror of one another.  An activation for your energy, astral, and physical body.  Activates the astral body healing you on a deeper level.  The energy you share and feel is the same energy as your Twin Flame.  A healing for your energy and feelings.  You share energy with your Twin Flame.  You feel a strong energetic connection with your partner.  You can sense each other’s moods and emotions even when you are apart.  Activation for the astral body.  The astral body is the spiritual counterpart to the physical human body that exists on a different plane.  The astral body is the energy system for your emotional experience.  It’s very connected to your chakras and aura.  This is your vehicle for carrying the soul from the physical body into higher realms.  You use it every night and as your 5D light body.  The astral body is the body through which you experience dreams, visions, out-of-body experiences and astral projection.  This is an activation to help you better understand your dreams and to bring your astral body online.  You can then tap on more and travel more in your sleep.  Helps to have better sleep and better dreams.  Expect more clarity, concentration, perspicuity, bliss, intuition, decisiveness and insights.

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