Past Life Healing Package For Money Blocks

£ 255.00



Money blocks tend to be a key trauma and conditioning to heal on a much deeper level.  Money reflects our flow of energy.  This is a deep healing for money, shame and lack.  Heals deeper past life wounds around money.  Past lifetimes where you were persecuted for being a healer or psychic, which derived from fear, shame, victim consciousness and karma.  Heals family issues.  Heals money issues from the family.  Heals and shame from the family.  Heals negative patterns and financial habits from your family.  Heals deeper teachings that money makes you unhappy.  Heals subconscious programing or wounding deriving from guilt.  Heals issues around family obligations, not being allowed to practice their spiritual gifts, deriving from guilt.  Heals victim consciousness.  Heals shame and victim consciousness.  Heals past lives vows, vows of poverty or a vow of simplicity that you have taken. If these vows exist, it will create an energetic gridlock and will prevent you from acquiring money.  Heals and releases debts and karmic debts associated with money.  Helps to open up and heal your financial flow, so that you can manifest more money.  Heals and release stagnant energies and deeper past life blocks around money.  Helps to open up more of your gifts, and cash flow.

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