Twin Flame Past Life Healing

£ 155.00


Most Twin Flames do share past lives and have karma to resolve between them. This would make them karmic as well.  These are past life relationships.  This is a past life healing.  Heals and releases negative stories or beliefs that have become attached to your Twin Flame Journey.  Think about how many relationships you’ve had in this lifetime and all the karma and painful experiences you’ve had during each one.  Now multiply that for hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes. This is being carried with you from past lifetimes.  A past life healing for the energetic and soul baggage.  Releases negative energies.  Many of the relationship karmic loops that are sabotaging your relationships were created in previous lifetimes and they are buried deep in your soul’s memory and subconscious mind.  Healing for karmic loops created in past lifetimes.  Heals and frees you from past karmic ties and contracts that still bind you to previous lovers, partners and spouses.

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