Twin Flame Kundalini Activation Package

£ 155.00


Kundalini moves Divine energy from the base of the spine up through the chakras in order for you to experience an expanded state of consciousness.  Activating your Kundalini Rising is one of the best things you can do to help your Twin Flame journey along.  The 3rd incarnation of the human soul becomes split into two halves, one being female energy and the other half male energy.  Activates your kundalini.  Clears blockages in your chakra system.  Helps to free you from ego.  Helps to heal and release anxiety, or insomnia issues.  Helps to improve energy and sleep.  Balances and and unblocks chakras.  Activates kundalini.  With Twin Flames kundalini rises, souls merge.  Burns away blockages, clearing any negative emotions.  Activates and awakens more telepathic gifts.  Activates a process of rising ascension and awakening.  Helps you to have more energy.  A powerful activation for your spiritual energy/ spiritual energy centers.  A powerful kundalini activation and healing.  Heals blockages.

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