Twin Flame Signs and Messages Activation

£ 66.00


A channeled activation for you, your Twin Flame, and the connection.  Healing for your love life.  Great for everyone no matter what the situation.  This is an activation to bring more signs and messages online.  The spiritual exists in a higher realm above.  When we tap in we receive more signs, synchronicities, and higher guidance.  Activate more of your intuition and inner guidance.  This gives you more clarity.  The Twin Flame journey is one of the most intense and rewarding experiences you will ever have.  It’s a journey to self-discovery and spiritual growth.  Get more signs and support from your Angels and your Spirit Guides.  Twin Flames are two halves of a whole, so they must be in balance with each other.  Bring more balance to your energies.  Activates your energies and activates more of your higher awareness.  Open up to more signs and higher communication.  Get more messages in the higher and in the physical.  Get more guidance from your Angels.  They offer guidance through the good and bad times, and  they always remind you that you’re never alone.  See more patterns and signs that confirm your destiny as your Twin Flame.  Connect more of the dots.  Gets more synchronicities, signs, messages, and downloads.

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