Twin Flame Heart Chakra Activation

£ 66.00



Pain and grief can block our heart chakra.  This can be from past experiences still in your energy field or looping into the now.  This is a healing activation for your heart chakra.  Helps to heal old hurts, worry, and pain.  Activates the heart.  Great for clearing pain in your field, your connection, or with your Twin Flame.  Open up to more compassion, empathy and forgiveness.  Things like stress emotional pain, usually caused by old bad memories, emotions, and overthinking can block our heart chakra up.  This activation releases blocked energies.  Helps you to connect on a deeper level with Source/ your Higher Self.  Open up to more trust, joy, and peace.  Great for healing relationship fear and connecting to more love.   This activation is great for everyone no matter what your situation.  Dissolve and clear blocks in your heart, opening and activating it.  Open up to more love.


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