Twin Flame Clearing and Balancing

£ 155.00



A good clearing and balancing for your energy.  Clears you and your Twin Flame connection.  Clear and releases baggage and things hindering you on your soul path.  Releases and clears emotional blockages. Releases and clears energetic blockages.   Clears, heals, and releases blocks within the connection, or in between you and your Twin Flame.   Clears and heals unbalances.   Heals and clears past traumas, and negative patterns.  Healing for your journey across many lifetimes.  Clears any past life baggage coming up currently, or in your field.  Great for clearing family patterns, or patterns picked up from your family.   Clears the energetic signatures passed on from one generation to the next.  Clears and balances your energy.   Clears your energy so it’s not coming up in your connection.  Great for clearing the energy with you and your Twin Flame.  Clears and heals you both and the connection.  Great for clearing any negative emotions coming up in your love life.  These can create blocks.  Clears and heals blocks.

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